Charlie Seymour Jr Goes Behind The Scenes On The Radio

Charlie Seymour Jr Goes Behind The Scenes

Cucina Chatter – we all have great conversations "around the kitchen table" and we all stand around chatting in the kitchen when we visit friends.

That's the basis for the radio show run by Philadelphia's Upbeat, Creative, and Fun Lorraine Ranalli.

Watch here before Lorraine goes on the air with her guests Charlie Seymour Jr and Paul Dunn. Then watch as the first 20 minutes of the program unfolds.

Charlie Seymour Jr Goes Behind The Scenes On The Radio – Charlie created this short video to show you the fun and excitement of being "on the air" with Lorraine.

Here's more information about the show:

Get some insight into what drives the entrepreneurial spirit on this week's Cucina Chatter, featuring:


Charlie Seymour, Jr., a video-crazed MBA marketer who, with Entrepreneurial psychologist Dr. Marc Kossmann, created 57 websites, a monthly Meetup group about small business relationship marketing, hundreds of videos on YouTube and their websites, and wrote a #1 Best-Selling Book, “Hey, You… Don’t Stand Out—Get Out!”

Paul Dunn, a fitness industry owner, operator, and practitioner for nearly 30-years. Paul has owned and operated a Gold’s Gym, Great Valley Fitness, and with Baron Baptiste, he created Power Yoga Works—a Best of Philly award-winning studio. Paul’s most recent venture partners him with K-Vest technologies, the largest diagnostic evaluation company, to create The Movement Institute.,

On “Writer’s Block,” author Jim Vanore asks, “Where has all the good writing gone?” Find out if he is talking about prose or penmanship.

On “The Rhonda File,” media personality Rhonda Fink Whitman offers insight into the USO.

We’ll go on a virtual Taste-4-Travel with culinary tour guide Chef Jacquie, who will tantalize our taste buds with her description of Philadelphia’s Madison Restaurant.

When we step “Into the Mind &Body” with wellness warrior Michele Paiva, we will learn how to stop a panic attack on our own and take control of our subconscious.

In the “Upstairs Kitchen,” Dominic Condo shares his recipe in the latest food challenge with fellow Upstairs Kitchen host Una Mamma Italiana. Dom is cooking with Tecquila. Tiffany (Una Mamma) is cooking with Sambuca. Take a look at their recipes and vote for the liqueur you find most appetizing.,

This week’s “Focus on Philly” features our in-studio guests Paul Dunn and Charlie Seymour Jr.

You can hear Cucina Chatter on these network affiliates:

WWDB 860 AM, Philadelphia (Tuesdays 10:00am)

WBCB 1490 AM, Levittown, PA (Tuesdays 1:00pm)

KBMW 1450 AM, Wahpeton, ND (Saturdays 10:00am)

Delaware County Daily Times (Show archives and blog)

A Cucina Chatter Moment Affiliates

KBMW 1450 AM, Wahpeton, ND (Fridays 9:20am CT)

WOND 1400 AM, Egg Harbor, NJ (Saturdays 12:00pm)


To listen to the entire show, go here – Click Now!


Charlie Seymour Jr Goes Behind The Scenes On The Radio

Charlie Seymour Jr Goes Behind The Scenes

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