Ken Betterton's KB-9 Coaching

Ken Betterton’s KB-9 Coaching

“True leadership is the development of others”

This program is designed for those who are in a position to influence, guide, direct and develop others, who are aspiring to lead others better. Building and retaining high-quality relationships founded on trust and support drive organizational success. The objective of “KB-9 Coaching” is to shorten your learning curve so that you can be a more effective leader and coach starting now. The program increases your effectiveness in your role as a leader and deepens your understanding of the honor of serving others.

High-performance leaders who emerge into positions of authority possess the ability to coach, mentor, develop, and motivate those around them. Coaching is an indispensable skill that is an attribute of high-performance leaders to take the organization to the next level, retain and grow the talent in the workforce, correct unproductive behavior, and evolve a positive “people first” culture into the organization.

“To become a Self-less Coach is to step upon the spiritual high ground of leadership.” Ken Betterton

Ken Betterton’s KB-9 Coaching is a high-impact training session, participants are engaged hands on from the opening exercise. They will understand the importance of informal coaching, formal coaching, giving direct feedback, and listening. They will learn about perception(s) and that others do not think like they do.

ROI – Take aways-

    Understand and manage self
    Understand and manage others (relationships)
    Build and sustain trust
    Develop and write a detailed Coaching Plan
    Understand and utilize the Ken Betterton’s KB-9 Coaching model
    Coach an existing case – live in the presentation
    Recognize and feel the joy in the development of others

Ken Betterton’s KB-9 Coaching is the only Coaching and Development program that addresses the Coach first and places him/her in a solid position to actualize strengths and natural leadership style. “Yes, be yourself, but be your best self.”

Ken Betterton’s KB-9 Coaching is a 6-hour, highly-active/interactive training program. A four-hour course is available (also a 2-hour overview).

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"Ken Betterton understands people! When I began working with Ken I knew he was an experienced speaker and presenter, but I had no idea he could customize a presentation that every employee at my company could understand. He did just that! Our employees rate Betterton's instruction among the best training they have received. Easy to work with, developed targeted curriculum and made it fun."

- Dianne Schoenbauer, Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative

About Ken Betterton

Ken Betterton works with leaders in the public and private sectors to give organizations the ability to work together as a team, develop leaders within the ranks and contribute meaningfully to the quality of life in the communities they serve. Focusing on emotional intelligence, interpersonal awareness, and individual integrity, Ken shows people in positions of authority how to use their power to promote change and exhibit a commitment to true service. Whether through his powerful keynote presentations, his on-site training workshops or consulting engagements, he has enabled private companies and law enforcement agencies across the country to build stronger organizations based on respect, trust, and service.

As a former U.S. Marine and state police commander, Ken has acquired the perspective and judgment enabling him to motivate and inspire federal, state, and local law enforcement officials, showing them how to strengthen their leadership skills through his signature training programs. Ken acts as coach, mentor, and driving force, helping public officials and leaders of organizations learn how to responsibly use their power for the greater good. The term "serve and protect" evokes thoughts of justice, fairness, and equality. Ken has developed special programs targeted to the unique considerations and issues of the law enforcement professions as well as other professional organizations.

"My passion is my purpose and it lies in service, people, inspired (selfless) leadership, leading others to self-discovery, self-understanding, and self-reinvention." -Ken Betterton

Ken has delivered keynote presentations and worked in a consulting capacity with government agencies including the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and the U.S. Department of Justice. He has also worked with major corporations such as Pfizer Pharmaceutical, General Chemical, and Tesoro Oil.

"In our industry there is a syndrome of those who teach do so because they were never effective at doing.

"Ken shatters this concept and our people find him extremely credible, entertaining and well worth their time.

"We absolutely plan on keeping Ken involved in our leadership programs and suggest that you, if you are looking for a solid credible facilitator, do the same.

"Ken's presentations are very engaging, hands on and out on the leading edge of the leadership curve. Most impressive to me are his sharp quick paced facilitation skills. He will pick up on comments from the quietest participants, as well as masterfully handle the dominant personalities, giving his presentation great balance where everyone involved feels a sense of contribution.

"It is my pleasure to recommend him for any and all of your leadership and management training needs."

- Lee Dickson, Training Leader Tesoro Refining and Marketing Company

"Ken's presentation was a gigantic success. The instructor, Ken Betterton, has an exceptional manner in gaining rapport and getting the ones who are reluctant to participate to break their resistance and get them involved."

- Ruth White, Training Leader Leadership Institute Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives U.S. Department of Justice

"I would strongly recommend attending one of Ken's events. His straightforward approach combined with humor and thought provoking dialog is sure to keep people engaged and participating.

"His unique way of presenting materials is refreshing and stays with you. These programs would be great for management team builing let alone the entire workforce.

"I would recommend Ken to any organization that is trying to build a quality team to take it to that next level."

- Todd Ashton, Engage Printing

"Ken is a great trainer, his presentation was very refreshing because we were all involved, it was hands on and something that I can use now."

- Feedback from participants

Ken Betterton is a client of Dr. Marc and Charlie. He's an executive coach, motivational speaker, business trainer, and keynote speaker. Dr. Marc and Charlie promote their clients throughout the Internet. For Further Information contact

Ken Betterton’s KB-9 Coaching


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