Kindle case, cover, fashion, best Kindle case with PlusMotif iPad, iPad Mini, Kindle Fire, Kindle Reader, Google Nexus, Nook – Designing your unique case starts with choosing your device. Function and Fashion – In A Snap!

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About PlusMotif
PlusMotif introduces this beautiful and elegant case for your iPad®, iPad® Mini, Kindle®, 7" Tablets and traditional e-Readers. PlusMotif provides you the dozens of motifs and cases to create hundreds of different combinations that fit your personality.

Plus Motif puts function, fashion, and fun together for your favorite e-device in a protective, decorative case. Each case opens to support your typing, working, presenting, or relaxing. With 16 gorgeous colors, available in 3 case sizes to fit your iPad, iPad Mini, Kindle, 7" Tablets and traditional e-Readers, you have so many choices.

Along with those fabulous CASE colors, Plus Motif allows you to be the stylist! Unsnap the Plus Motif and choose from our wide selection… then: Make it yours In A SNAP! Just like you change your accessories to fit the occasion, PlusMotif means you get to express your style wherever you go.

PLUSMotif: THE ONLY CASE YOU NEED FOR FUNCTION. THE ONLY CASE YOU NEED FOR FASHION. And with all the colors and designs, you need more than one!

PlusMotif – Function and Fashion… In A Snap!

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Kindle case, cover, fashion, best Kindle case with PlusMotif



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