Mobile Websites – 6 Ways to Wow and Woo Smartphone Users

Experts say we have 7 seconds to make a good impression – so what impression are you leaving your customers when they look at your website on their iphone or smartphone? Does the mobile version of your website wow and woo a potential client or are they off to find one that will?

If you are like the majority of companies with a website, your website does not have a mobile version and you are not prepared to capture the attention and business of the typical smartphone user. In fact, you are probably offending them without even being aware of it. Why, because, smartphone users have certain expectations and if they can’t find the information they are looking for without scrunching and moving your page up and down and side to side, say goodbye.

The question is why does this matter to you? Because there are people that don’t even bother to start up their old PCs or laptops anymore, it takes too much time and their smartphones are always with them and always on.

Know Your Mobile Customer

    They have a higher median income
    They search locally for products and services using their smartphones
    They visit the restaurant or business they search for
    They make purchases
    They like Text Messaging better than phone calls

What Features Mobile Customers want to see on a Mobile Site

Mobile users are not conducting deep research on their phones, leave that for your desktop version, they usually are looking for some very basic information about your business. Keep the content well organized and simple.

1) First, what not to do. QR codes are gaining in popularity and more people have downloaded an app to read these codes. QR codes are being embedded in magazine ads, flyers, newspapers, on buildings and on in- store displays. The mistake that advertisers are making is the QR code is leading to a page that is impossible to read on a smartphone. It may lead to a desktop version which has a beautiful flash presentation but is invisible on the smartphone, or is just reduced in size to a two inch square. Or it can lead to a webpage that is totally irrelevant to the content of the ad.

QR codes need to lead to mobile coupons, mobile landing pages, or to your mobile website with the basic information business information available. Now you have their attention.

Make it easy for your future or current customers to call you and include a prominent call button on your mobile website. Customers who find your website may want to call for service, to make an appointment, or find out if there dry cleaning is ready. Don’t make them look for your number.

3) Maps and Navigation Features: When people find your mobile website and decide they want to visit you they have to be able to find your place of business. Include a map that leads to a navigation feature and not just a listed street address. This information is important for a person who isn’t familiar with the area your business is located in. If you have more than one location, customers can find the location closest to them.

4) Multi-Media Content: Include videos and pictures of your business, products and staff. Adding a video and pictures can engage and keep customers on your mobile site. Adding these features to your site will help your customers get to know you, connect with you and begin building that relationship that will help a customer decide to do business with you.

5) Coupons: People love to find a bargain, give customers an offer they can’t refuse. Daily Deals and Coupon sites have become a big hit with customers but sadly, many businesses have lost money using coupon services. With your own coupon landing pages and sms text messaging VIP or mobile clubs, you can build your own opt in lists and send special offers out to your customers when you want.

6) Third Party Applications: Applications, like Open Table, can be included on a mobile website to take reservations, car dealers can add inventory, realtors can show listings, and you can include Paypal or Google Wallet to conduct mobile sales or collect donations.

So, have you looked at your website on your smartphone? If not, get out your smartphone, punch in your URL, wait for it to load, now you have 7 seconds or less to decide, what kind of impression are you left with? More important what impression are you leaving your customers with? Are you wowing and wooing them or have they left you for someone else?

A mobile website is good marketing when it’s done right. QR Codes, tap to call, maps, multi-media, coupons and SMS VIP clubs, and third party apps, including mobile payments, are just a few of the features that can be included in your mobile website. With the right mix of features and information you can make your mobile site sticky and your customers will want to save it to their phones. Mobile marketing is not a passing fad, if it’s not already, it will be an important part of your marketing mix.

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Mobile Websites – 6 Ways to Wow and Woo Smartphone Users


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