Online Video Marketing – Get Off The TimeTrap Plateau So what IS the “TimeTrap Plateau?” It’s a place you never want to find yourself: it’s where you trade ONE hour of work for ONE hourly fee. Soon you run out of HOURS and can’t raise your fees any higher. You are trapped. Heck, even if you could change $1,000 an hour, you still don’t have more than 40 hours in a day (oops… sometimes we WISH we had that – 24 hours in a day).

Online Video Marketing – Breaking Free From The TimeTrap Plateau
Professionals get a great deal of training in their professions. They are experts at what they do. But typically, graduate school and advanced training programs don't provide any training on how to establish and build a professional business.

Exactly how many courses does the average professional program offer in marketing? None, Zero, Nada!

So, your business training comes from observation of what others in your peer group are doing. You watch what supervisors and instructors do. You watch what your peers do, and you follow that example.

Great! Everything seemed to be going along fine in the early years as you build your practice by networking. You built connections with people who referred clients to you. Eventually, you filled your appointment calendar. With that full calendar, you were able to gradually increase your rates.

Then, and only then, do you discover the trap. You are stranded on the TimeTrap Plateau.

You have no more hours that you can trade for dollars and your fee has hit a ceiling above which you simply drive your clients away to someone with a slightly lower fee.

Perhaps you now wonder what any of this has to do with video. How is video going to help you break free from that time trap?

As we continue to say, we are on a mission to get you to use video in your marketing. To do that, we usually focus on all of the obstacles that prevent people from starting.

This lesson's focus is a little different. This one is aimed less at eliminating an obstacle and more at giving you some very powerful motivation for using video. It goes well beyond just marketing.

Once you get comfortable using video, you will quickly discover that video is a powerful medium to capture and package your expertise. When you start to capture and package your knowledge and experience, you begin what we call The Shift – the shift from service provider to product producer.

And creating intellectual property products, "information products," is the key to breaking free from the TimeTrap Plateau. Because rest assured, if you are a service provider and you continue trading time for money (that is one hourly fee for one hour of your work), you will surely discover the Time Trap! (You have only SO many hours in a day and can't create any more. So you will hit the TimeTrap Plateau of running out of hours before you run out of bills to pay!)

And do you need to create all this video yourself? Do you need to create all these "Info Products" yourself? NO. But first learn what they are, and how to avoid the TimeTrap Plateau, and then let us know how we can help you!

PS: Last time we asked if you had ever seen any animated video added to on-camera video. How about a whole marketing video created through the use of animation? It's is VERY captivating. See some of our work here on YouTube:



Online Video Marketing – Get Off The TimeTrap Plateau


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