ORM – Sculpt Your Online Identity


When you create your Legend online, be sure to use keywords in any content you create. Keywords are an integral part of any campaign to create, makeover, and monitor your online identity. It's the beginning of ORM: Online Reputation Management.

You might aim for creating three or four posts on each site each week. Yes, that’s a lot of writing, but it’s crucial when establishing your online identity and protecting your brand. Google loves seeing new content because it means your site is vital and active. So keep those posts coming if you want to experience true brand growth… and practice good ORM.

When you create your posts, remember to show what is unique about you. Tell readers the story of your life – not all at once, but let them get to know you over time. Show them why they should do business with you and not your competitor.

Google also loves video, so be sure and include video uploads to your website – at least one a week for each site. If that sounds like a chore, make a point of getting comfortable on camera. Just pretend like you’re talking to your best friend or your sister. Whoever makes you feel the most comfortable. You can even post a picture of your friend behind the camera so you’ll always be at ease and natural.

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