Video Marketing – It's Not All About The Equipment OK, so you have come around to the idea that video really is the most powerful medium to get you noticed online. It helps you 1) Get Found, 2) Engage, and 3) Build Profitable, Automated Systems To Follow Up. And if you want to do some of it yourself, we want to be sure you're ready.

To get started, you head over to or Best Buy looking for a camera. And suddenly you are a bit overwhelmed. Maybe that's really: You are TOTALLY overwhelmed!

What the heck are you supposed to buy? And with price points from about a few hundred bucks all the way up to several mortgage payments, what is this going to cost?
And that's just the camera. Then there are questions about lighting and sound and the software you need to edit your video once you shoot the raw footage.

Time to take a deep breath and relax.

Dr. Marc and Charlie are here to get your focus back where it belongs. Video Marketing is all about you! Not the Equipment! You only need very basic tools to get going. In fact, you might already own everything you need.

If you have recently invested in a smartphone like Apple's iPhone 5 or Samsung's Galaxy S III, you have a video studio in your pocket right now! And Dr. Marc and Charlie have done all the research for you already. (First they DO and then they teach.)

So join Dr. Marc and Charlie for this exploration of exactly what you need and what you DON'T need. They discuss cameras, lighting, sound, and much more. As always, the goal is to get you going and remove any obstacles that hold you back from the power of video marketing for your business.

OK, OK… so Dr. Marc and Charlie don't use entry-level equipment in their work any longer. But Charlie DID create an entire video of his grandson on the beach for the first time using only his smartphone (plus his MacBook Pro for editing). And when traveling, Dr. Marc and Charlie used nothing by their smartphones for a travel video – it CAN be done.

So, whether you want create your videos yourself OR get Dr. Marc and Charlie to create them for you, it's important that you understand what it takes to do it.

We are on a mission to get you to use video in your marketing. To do that, we focus on all of the obstacles that prevent people from starting. We then get those obstacles out of your way.

Equipment is something that really can get in the way. What do you need, how much is it going to cost, etc.? These problems can get you stuck in analysis paralysis. But we have also noticed that sometimes people are a little too eager to get focused on all the cool equipment. Then shopping and playing and learning become the total focus. But in the mean time, no video gets created.

That's why we are here: to get your mind off the equipment. It's not about that. It's really all about you and getting you to use video to connect with your audience.

If you create all the video yourself OR get us to create it for you, you really DO need video to power your marketing. (Do you get the feeling we feel video is important!??)



Video Marketing – It's Not All About The Equipment


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