Video Marketing – Everyone Can Learn From Video People have different learning styles. Some people are more visual, some are more auditory. Some people learn best when they can actually see what you are talking about. That is why YouTube has actually become the first place that people search when they need to figure out "How To" do just about anything.

That is one of the many reasons you will come to love video. With video, you have multiple tracks to work with when getting your message across. You have the words you are speaking, you have text in the form of titles, you have sound tracks to enhance emotion, and you have all the information that comes through in body language and facial expression.

(And recently added: Scribing on a video is like the unconscious mind speaking out!)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, well then a video must be worth at least a few hundred thousand!

When it comes to marketing, it is all about capturing your audience's attention and leading them to the next piece of information, the next action you need them to take. Video allows you to do that in a way that other media just can't compete with. Your mind just wanders less when you are fully engaged across multiple modes of communication.

Why do you suppose large companies are willing to invest so much in television commercials? It's not just the size of the audience. It's because the audience is engaged in watching the show. They sat down and they pay attention.

So, the bottom line is: no matter what learning style or preference someone may have, EVERYONE can learn through video. There are so many important reasons for you to use video in your business. And the one we discuss here deals with the power video for getting your message across, getting people to pay attention, and helping people to absorb the important information you share with them.
You have it all with video.

You have audio, you have visual, you have text, you have images, you have music, you have facial expression, and you have body language. And with a little more thought we could probably double that list.

If you are not using video in your marketing and business development (SURELY you use video NOW, right? This is Lesson 7, after all!,) you are limiting the strength of your message. Don't miss out!

And remember – no one said you had to create all the video yourself. When you want to "go it alone," we've shown you how. When you want the pros to do it, give us a call!



Video Marketing – Everyone Can Learn From Video


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