Video Marketing – Once Learned, Video Editing Can Be Easy Editing seems to be one of the biggest obstacles to getting people comfortable working with video. It can feel intimidating when you open up video editing software system and are faced with unfamiliar controls. Where do you start?

Well, when we started working together, Charlie had years of professional video-editing experience. Dr. Marc had basically none. So who do you suppose does about half of our video editing? You guessed it: Dr. Marc. The programs that you probably already have, like Windows Movie Maker on the PC and iMovie on the Mac, are SO easy to learn. And the results will have you looking like a pro right from the start.

We absolutely love the Mac and iMovie (even though we both now use Final Cut Pro X for its power and ease), but we have both worked on PC as well. So do NOT let the idea of learning basic editing stop you from tapping into the power of video in your business!

OK… so we realize that most people won't want to learn. Each of us "could" change our own oil, replace our own water heaters, and fix our roofs… but we don't we turn to experts so that we get the job done correctly. If you feel that way about video marketing, that's ok – just give us a call right now and let's chat about how we can help you.

But video editing CAN be really easy for a simple video. Really!

Once Learned, Video Editing Can Be Easy

Editing video does not need to be a complicated affair. The fact is you barely need to do ANY editing to benefit from using video to explode the marketing for your professional practice.

How easy is it to learn video editing? Well let's just say this. When Dr. Marc and Charlie started working together, Charlie was working as a professional photographer and had years of experience shooting and editing video, including full length features. But it was Dr. Marc who started doing most of the video editing.

Why? Because he though it was fun. It was creative. Did he have any experience or training in video editing? Nope! None. Just long hours of practicing (and ok… a little coaching from Charlie).

Dr. Marc had not realized that Charlie was just humoring him at first. But armed with a MacBook Pro and iMovie, Dr. Marc managed to impress the heck out of Charlie when editing the first video for this new business partnership. Impressed him so much that Charlie had to run out and invest in a MacBook Pro of his own! (Now he shows off with his fancy Mac Pro with 16 GB of RAM and THREE hard drives holding 4 Terabytes of video files!)

But THE most important thing you need to know about video editing is that you really don't need much at all. Start out by learning what Charlie calls the One Camera, One Take style of video. No editing required beyond maybe trimming off the beginning and end if there is extra footage to get rid of.

The focus of what Dr. Marc and Charlie teach is that YOU are the most important ingredient in your video. It's about delivering your message. It's about Creating Your Own Legend Now. They teach you editing to get it out of your way and so that you understand some of the complicated things they do when they create videos for you. Almost all of the video training they offer is to get you comfortable and to remove all obstacles so that you get going, NOW!

So, join Dr. Marc and Charlie for a lively podcast discussion about what you REALLY need to know about video editing. And in the process they cover a lot of the reasons why it is so very important for you to be using video in your marketing.

It is extremely powerful. So enjoy the podcast and let Dr. Marc and Charlie show you how you can Unleash Your Rock Star Identity through Video.



Video Marketing – Once Learned, Video Editing Can Be Easy


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