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One size doesn’t fit all and one video-marketing solution doesn’t either… so it’s time to discover what we can do to grow your business and increase your profits through video marketing.

What good is marketing online if you can’t Get Found in the midst of all the noise? 97% of consumers research their problems online before they even consider looking for a specific product or service. So you know that your ideal client, customer, or patient is going to use the web. If you are not immediately found with a dominant online presence that positions you as THE easily recognized expert solution to their problem: well, then – you are simply invisible.

How do we know this works? Because we practice what we preach. In a recent two week period, expert professionals from Dallas, TX to Las Cruces, NM to Washington, DC found us and contacted us. We are easily found by OUR ideal clients because we have online dominance through our online video content about online video marketing. We’ve been to San Diego, Vancouver, Orlando, New York City, not to mention our own back yard in the Philadelphia area.

Try this quick experiment: Go to your favorite search engine and search for YOUR name, and compare the results to a search of one or both of OUR names. Do you like YOUR results or OUR results better? (We can show you how to get OUR results!)

Why video and not just text or audio? Video is the most engaging medium there is – it attracts your prospects and keeps their attention (when done correctly, of course). It shows your personality especially when you are on camera, and people like to work with PEOPLE, not impersonal corporations. It sets you apart from others in your field who still refuse to see the power of video. And with four BILLION videos watched every day (and that statistic is just from YouTube – lots more in total), it’s clear that people love to watch video. They grew up watching TV and movies, and most still prefer to watch rather than read.

And video works for EVERY kind of business. It will get your phone to ring!

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Video Marketing Online by Dr. Marc and Charlie


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