Video Marketing – What Can A Professional Say On Video? Have you ever found yourself at a loss for words? The first time you turn on that camera and you are staring at that little lens with the glowing red light, it can feel like being back in elementary school. You're standing up in front of the class for the first time to give that first ever book report. Oh, you remember!

Well much of the work we do with clients in the early stages of learning to use video has to do with getting comfortable. You have to forget about that camera and go back to your strengths. You are an expert.

Your audience wants you to share your knowledge, experience, and expertise with them. And once you bring video INSIDE your zone of comfort, you will discover that there is a great deal for you to say on video.

We hope that we have gotten your mind running here with some ideas about what video can do for you. You don't have to create it yourself, but you DO need it to 1) Get Found, 2) Engage, and 3) Build Profitable, Automated Systems To Follow Up – and THAT'S how you Dominate the Google Search Results!

What do your friends ask you when you are at a party? You know… you are standing around and it becomes your turn and they ask, "And what do you do?" So you begin to tell them. And what are their follow-up questions?

Write those down: if ONE person asks you a question, it's probable that several people could wonder the same thing. Then add video.

If you're ready to do it yourself, get someone to interview you. Or make it LOOK like an interview. OR pull your answers into a series of statements and compile them into a good presentation.

OR… contact us right away and let's chat about the best way for you to Dominate the Google Search Results.

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Dr. Marc Kossmann and Charlie Seymour Jr present why video is so important, why YOU should be using video, the growth of YouTube Video Marketing, Where video can be used, Who can use video for their businesses, What to say on video, How To Edit Video, Video Equipment, Video Editing, and so much more.

Video is everywhere, and if you are not using video to tell your story, if you aren't producing quality videos that show who YOU are, your competition will beat you every time.

Dr. Marc and Charlie are known for their crazy, off-the-wall antics in some of their videos. Their personalities shine through, which is what they recommend YOU do. No – don't copy THEM… just show who YOU are!

Dr. Marc Kossmann is an entrepreneur and clinical psychologist who had to learn video creation and editing the hard way – by trial and error: lots of long hours that could have been saved if he had had a mentor to help him. Charlie Seymour Jr is the award-winning videographer, portrait photographer, theater expert, and video-crazed Wharton MBA marketer who first started on the stage at age 6 and began with video at the age of 11.

Together their long hours of experience will save you time and money as they rocket you to greater success. Together they make it easy to find the rock star hidden in you so that people will know, like, and trust you and do a lot more business with you.



Video Marketing – What Can A Professional Say On Video?


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