Video Marketing – WHERE Can You Use Video? In a recent survey we conducted on Facebook, 50% of respondents said they really did not know WHERE to use video. So, let's explore a variety of important places where you can begin using video online.

Your own website is clearly a location for your video. And the simplest video to put there is a welcome video. Bring your website to life by giving your visitors a warm welcome and some orientation about what they are here to do. Here's what OUR video looks like:

Facebook (and other social media sites) is another location where you can use video. Most people simply re-post a video they found amusing on YouTube. But you can create your own quick videos and put them out right in your status stream. It's much more engaging than just print. Here's Charlie's Facebook profile – scroll down to see videos created by Dr. Marc and

Charlie (oh – friend him while you are there!):

Testimonials on video are so powerful. Give testimonials to people you work with, and capture on video the wonderful things that people say about you too. Place these on your website to build credibility. Put them on sales pages to show what satisfied customers have to say.

Here are some examples of testimonials that Dr. Marc and Charlie use throughout their 57 websites:

Teaser videos – these are attention grabbing, short videos whose primary function is to direct people to the location of the more detailed content which may be in print, audio, or even a longer video housed elsewhere.

Here is one sample attention-grabbing, teaser videos:
Attention Grabber:
YouTube is a very obvious location for you to post your videos. In the description field you place a live link to the location of your "more detailed content" and then add a description rich in keywords relevant to your content so that your video is found in search results.

And even though we have shown you some video on YouTube, here is one more:
Mike Koenigs interviews Dr. Marc and Charlie – AGAIN –

Video can obviously be used to create great information products as well. It's not just about the marketing. People love to learn "How To…" through the video format where you can actually show people what they are trying to learn. And this is another reason for housing your video content on YouTube since YouTube is the #1 search engine when it comes to answering "How To" questions.

To see how Dr. Marc and Charlie use video in a Video Course, click this link:
A course on video ABOUT video:

We also use a lot of name-capture pages on our websites. Some people refer to these as "squeeze" pages. The power of a video on such a page is that you greet your visitors in a very personal way and clearly explain to them what they get for entering their name and email on the form that moves them from this page to the actual content. It's a great way to build a relationship and explain to people that we use such pages to be able to deliver people only the content that they actually want.

Entering their name and email is a way for people to raise their hand and say, "Yes, this is the topic that I want to know more about." Great! We don't want to send out random messages that annoy people. We want to only give them content that is relevant and important to them.

So these pages are a great way to do that, and they work much better when you have a video making it a more personal experience for the visitor.

Here is one of our most-used name-capture pages, so you can see what we mean:



Video Marketing – WHERE Can You Use Video?


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